Thursday, September 23, 2010

Phil's Progress

Since my last posting, the decision was made to repeat Phil's MRI this morning before going to surgery. His surgical team felt that with the invasive nature of the surgery, Phil's underlying fragility, and the many risk factors, it behooved them to gather up to the minute information before taking him to the operating room. Additionally, his immune system has just begun to function on it's own and they wanted to give him every opportunity to mount his own response to this infection, to better equip him for the challenges of surgery.

Clearly, whomever said no news is good news hasn't sat around waiting for an MRI to be completed. However, the wait was worth it. The scan showed that there has been more improvement and Phil's immune response has made a difference. His eye is definitely better since yesterdays MRI. It also shows that the infection has been spreading through the venous system into he brain and not through the dura, which basically means that the antifungals should be able to penetrate the infection given more time. So, NO SURGERY IS NECESSARY TODAY. In fact, Phil will continue his current course of treatment and have his next scan on Monday - 4 days from now!!! This is the first good news we've had and we couldn't have been happier to receive it.

He will need the antifungals for at least 6 weeks and chemotherapy is still on hold. Surgery is still a very real option and not one of us is deluded into thinking Phil is out of the woods. This is still a day to day existence of prayer and thanksgiving and enjoyment of one another. Family is gathering and we continue to ask for and bask in your enormous outpouring of prayers, love and support. Team Conrad continues to grow as word has spread of Phil's fight and we feel connected to you in a powerful way.

Let us celebrate Phil's victory today. Livestrong!


  1. The power of prayer is always amazing and sooooooo faith affirming :) Awesome news :)

  2. Oh, praise be to God. We're all continuing to hold you in our hearts and prayers. Just got off the phone with Anne Bradbury, and we're spreading the word to everyone we can think of.


  3. Been thinking of the Conrad family--sending nothing but positive energy, good karma, and lots of prayers. The Conrad's are loved and prayers are sent and will continue. Period. Everyone from Edgewood,PA is sending them and thensome.

  4. Thoughts from here in Washington at his old office are always with you, but more now than ever. The ever-growing prayer lists are getting stronger by the day and the numbers are constantly on the rise. We all pray for both of you to have strength and peace in this hard time. Everyone here is getting updates as frequently as you will post them and we work together to stay strong and send strength your way. Please know that you are on all of our minds. Take care! All of our love!

    Heidi (and the rest of the staff at ORTHO!)

  5. Well thanks be to God.

    Phew - have been so worried today.

    That is GREAT news Sally - give Phil a big hug for me.

    I am ready to hop a plane anytime - just say when. I can come as soon as Phil wants.

    David Huish

  6. Amen!!
    Thinking of you all :)

  7. MAJOR sigh of relief!! I am so happy for you and hope the good news continues on and on. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  8. This is fantastic news! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all, as I realize that this is not the end of the road - only a bright spot (a very welcome one!) in the clouds. Here's hoping things continue to get better and better, and that Phil and his immune system keep up the good fight!

    Perhaps all these prayers are doing some good :)

    Love and prayers,

  9. We love you, Phil.

    No Retreat, No Surrender!

  10. Was awake laying in bed last night praying for your family. After reading this post I finally breathed today.You are all courageous beyond belief. Biggest Hug.

  11. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers. We love you all and send hugs your way.

  12. Sally and Anita,
    In very technical medical-ese - "May the good cells continue to grow in number and defeat the bad" And thank you God for the battle along the way yesterday where this happened.
    Strength and peace and sisterly holding-of-each other to you both.

  13. Tears of relief are flowing! So thankful for the wonderful news! Keep up the fight Phil! We are on your team back here in Seabeck Heights!
    Sending prayers and big hugs to your family Sal!! <3
    Staci S.

  14. What wonderful news! Praise God!!! I've been having a recurring thought that didn't really make sense to me until I read today's post...

    At Calvary Camp the word we use for the boys and girls bathrooms is: "KYBO" and when Phil (and David) and I were campers there the KYBOs were a small step up from "primitive"... they have been MUCH improved over the years.

    Well, it was the Old KYBOs that kept coming to mind....

    The KYBOs were primitive, but as technology advanced and investments were made to improve them, the NEW KYBOs present a much safer and cleaner experience for the campers.

    Our BODIES sometimes have tendancies backwards towards our "primitive" roots, but with all the new technologies, medicines, knowledge, etc. we are able to make much safer and cleaner experiences for the inhabitants of those bodies!

    Clean KYBOs rock, and Phil YOU can rock this out.... we're all pulling for you, man!!!

  15. So glad to hear that no surgery is necessary and that there have been improvements in Phil's immune response. Can't wait to hear that this nasty fungal infection has been beat. Praying for you every step of the way, thanks for sharing what is going on.

  16. Hey Cuz,
    I just want you to know that from the first minute I heard of your battle, you have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly. I will keep up my personal vigil for and with you, until you are well again. I am also very thankful to all that are there by your side, when I cannot be. Peace and Love, FCII

  17. In the middle of Central Market in Poulsbo two sisters in Christ fulfilling "where ever two or three are meet together in My name, I am there in the midst of them" Well, something like that. The prayer was simple but power filled as we joined hands and prayed for Phil. Praise God. Oh, what I would give to have a view from heaven to see all the prayers going up to God on behalf of Phil, Sally, Bennett and Olivia. I thought you might enjoy this song as much as I have. I love you all, Sammie

  18. I have been so upset all week hearing about Phil. My prayers are so with you all! I am so happy that Phil didn't have to go through surgery today. Phil is a fighter! He is going to beat this beast! Cancer 0, Phil 1! Jennie, Dawn and I are all praying for all of you!
    Lindy Bretsen Keep the Fight!

  19. Our prayers continue to be raised as a covering for your family. Thanks for your continued updates as hard as it probably is for you. Pray without ceasing.
    Tammi Keffer

  20. Thank God for the small wonders. We are continually praying and the chain keeps growing stronger. Know that we are all thinking & praying for you constantly.

    Love, Linda

  21. Many of the Calvary Camp family you know and many you don't know have you all in their prayers. Whether they have heard of you or perhaps just remotely know you (from nearly 30 some years ago)- they all are in your corner praying and sending only good thoughts.